Alligator Hunting…Tell them to stop NOW!!

  One of Florida’s sports is alligator hunting. This causes a danger to the alligators. People hunt them for their skin,meat,etc. On Texas parks and wildlife website. they put the alligator hunting regulations. Even though there are regulations, the should just ban alligator hunting in general.

What can we do?

We as people can change alligator hunting. We can start peaceful protest all over the united states but we have to start small. Join organizations or create your own with friends or family member. Just don’t forget, the alligators depend on you.Image

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Loggerhead Sea turtle: How we can save them?

   Loggerhead sea turtles are one of the marine species that are close to the U.S. They’re on the endangered species list which is sad. These turtles have a life span of 50 years, and that can decrease if we don’t help them.

   We can help loggerhead sea turtle by:

  • Cleaning up the Beaches

Since sandy beaches are nesting sites for many sea turtles, we should clean up our beaches. If we clean up our beaches many sea turtles would come to nest and that can help increase the sea turtle populations and give the people a chance to see turtle nesting season.

  • Recycle or find a different way of disposing plastic.

Since many sea turtles eat jellyfish, plastic bags can look very familiar to a jellyfish. When a turtle tries to digest a plastic bag it can get stuck in their throat and/or stomach which won’t allow them to digest anything else. 

  • Volunteer in sea turtle organizations.

Many organizations fund to help save sea turtles by trying to create a natural reserve area for sea turtles to be protected. In these natural reserve sea turtles can be nurtured, healed,feed,etc

       You are not limited to these suggesting Create your own ideas one idea can make a change if you out all your hard work and effort in it.


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Fierce but alone…Florida Cougars

There used to be about 50,000 Florida cougars,but in 2006 there were only about 87 adult Florida cougars left. Florida Cougars are one of the largest of cats in North America. Even though the FLorida cougar can adapt to any habitat, their wild habit is being destroyed. Florida Cougars can make different sounds like growls, hisses, and bird-like whistles. They can even purr softly like a house cats, or make hair-raising screaming sounds. If Florida Cougars become extinct then he food change would change and many other animals would become extinct.


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Chinese river dolphins…GONE!

In December, 2006, the Chinese river dolphin, also know as the baiji (which means “the goddess of the Yangtze”), became extinct. According to , they became extinct because of pollution and ship trading. Pollution was a major effect because the baiji’s habitat was being filled with sewage and the propellers disrupted the dolphin’s sonar-based sensory system. Human activity is affecting many animal habitats with as a result animals who lived on this earth longer than us are becoming extinct. If we stop the pollution we can save the worlds most beautiful creatures.

Interesting fact:

There are no subspecies of the Yangtze River Dolphin.


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Tiger Poaching

   In India there are many tigers in the forest. But there is also another predator in the forest with the tigers, they are called poachers. So far in 2013 there has been a total of 38 tiger deaths. And last year in 2012 there has been a total of 89 tiger deaths. And in both years there has been a total of 49 tiger deaths were caused by poaching and seizures. Many organizations are trying to prevent tiger poaching to save the tigers since they are becoming endangered.

Interesting Fact:

Tigers were placed on the endangered species list in 1987,ImageImage

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It is a drastic…

It is a drastic mistake to eliminate the provisions that have to do with the protection of habitat for endangered species. It is my opinion that the Endangered Species Act is 99 percent about protecting critical habitat.
Jim Saxton


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Who are we?

    Welcome to “Stop Animal Extinction.”  Our names are Alyssa and Thais. We created this website because we noticed that animals that have been in this world for over 100 years are dying because us humans are killing them. The animals serve an importance to the world. They help create the world. People kill animals for their fur, meat,etc. Join us to spread the word and stop animal extinction.

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